Exhibition Sales Staff

Exhibition Sales Staff

Want to achieve higher sales at exhibitions?

Don’t want to lose your entire office to an exhibition?

Do you think tactical sales staff that are well incentivised can help you achieve your goals?

Are you incurring high costs accommodating sales staff and paying for their travel?

We believe we can help!

Our Pledge to you:-

We will work with you to ensure that you achieve the highest possible sales conversions for each exhibition

We will help you (at no additional cost) to plan your exhibition and what needs to be implemented and thought of prior to the exhibition

Securing sales is usually the primary goal for exhibitors; however do you have the best staff working to achieve this?

The people on your stand can make a good show become a great show! Ngage have developed a unique event sales staff division with sales ambassadors that have a proven track record of selling at exhibitions & events.

Whilst promotional staff are good at engaging show visitors, it’s the salesperson that will ensure a sale!

Many promotional staff are not always the right choice to maximise sales from consumer shows that is why Ngage have developed a thorough recruitment, selection and training programme to qualify these staff have all the right attributes to be able to sell in exhibition environments.

Approaching a stand can be an intimidating experience for show visitors. Having friendly and experienced sales ambassadors that are great at making the first engagement will help break down these barriers. Ngage sales staff are excellent at qualifying potential customers. They know what is needed to attract visitors to the stand and most importantly how to close the deal.

We have Sales Ambassadors that are available throughout the UK that could be the perfect addition to your next show, this will reduce costs and enforce local credibility through utilization of local sales staff.

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