Due to the volcanic eruption and the unfortunate impact this has had on international travel, Activ8 has been required to step in and run an exhibition at the London Marathon Expo for a company that is US based, who were unable to come over and use the exhibition space that they had booked.
Exhibition equipment had been sent prior to the show and the requirement was for Activ8 to provide an event manager and two promotional staff to attend the Expo, man the stand and promote our client’s products.
This was actually a fairly easy exercise, in that staff were briefed by email as well as on the telephone. The setup was managed by an Activ8 production manager.
The second requirement we had due to the travel restrictions, was due to a cab company offering travelers a cab service from Paris to Calais. Ngage was asked to provide hostess staff at Gare-Du-Nord train station in Paris, communicating the alternative travel offer. Due to our extensive database and the fact that we work in over 19 international countries, we were able to provide staff that kept the taxis running 24 hours a day.
If it’s Event Managers or promotional staff in London, or hostesses in Paris, you can always rely on Activ8 to deliver.


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