The biggest question we are faced with on a daily basis from clients this year is how can we secure good promotional staff over the Olympics? And the answer is simple, plan and commit. The following points are the most important for ensuring your brand is professionally represented over the Olympics:-

1) Commit to the activity early, this will leave the promotional staffing agency with enough time to contract and secure the best staff before anyone else is able to snatch them up
2) Try to focus your activity on consecutive days, this will be more attractive to staff than sporadic dates
3) Don’t be scared of increasing the amount you are prepared to pay for good promotional staff
4) Consider running activity out of the cluttered activity environment that is London, and look to capitalise in other cities where there should be great opportunities
5) If you are hoping to secure site space, book it NOW!
6) Ask your promotional staffing agency what measures they have taken to ensure they have a good volume of promotional staff, but not just volume they need to ensure quality. (A tip on this is to ask an agency how many staff have applied to work for them in each month and of all applications, what percentage are invited to actually work – if they employ all staff that apply to them, you have to question the quality!) At Ngage we have a running total of only offering work to 43% of all staff that apply to work for us.

If you follow these 6 steps, you should be able to enjoy huge exposure to your brand to a very targeted client base giving your brand unprecedented coverage.
If you are planning on running activity over that period, Ngage are offering a 30 minute free consultancy to any Brand Managers or Marketing Managers, please feel free to use us as a sounding board to help your preferred agency to deliver great quality for your brand. Good luck and enjoy what will be an amazing London Olympic Games


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