I have recently been asked if there is a difference in the quality of promotional staff in London compared to the rest of the UK! There is a very easy response to this question – in every city there are strong promotional staff and weak promotional staff! I know this sounds fairly simple but you should not base the decision about which city to hold promotional activity in, based on the quality of the promotional staff.
The way to improve the quality of promotional staff on any campaign, in any city, is to ensure you use a supplier that not only focuses on the process of recruiting quality staff onto their database but also regularly cleanses the database and has a system of rating staff after every job. Don’t feel you shouldn’t ask a supplier to outline what their processes are in this regard but even better ask the agency for a copy of their credentials which should focus on quality assurance. If they have not included slides on a stringent recruitment procedure and staff rating system then they probably don’t have one.
Very few agencies actually focus on these vital steps. We commit to ensuring staff quality by employing quality assurance managers who travel the length and breadth of the country assessing activity and assessing staff to ensure what we have promised clients is actually delivered. Also, that information on staff quality is used internally to provide the next project with the highest quality staff available.
So in summary, my tip for ensuring the highest quality staff on your next promotion is to ensure your staffing agency has stringent processes which not only are used to weed out ‘bad apples’ but also ensure the promotional staff that work hard and perform, are offered as much work as possible.


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