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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the promotional staffing industry has witnessed significant changes. As traditional methods of finding work have become challenging, promotional staff have turned to digital platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook groups to search for opportunities. However, a growing concern has emerged among these individuals – the fear that work is drying up due to agencies prioritising their loyal registered staff. In this article, we will explore why promotional staff should consider loyalty to the agencies they are registered with, and how the industry dynamics have shifted during these unprecedented times.

The Rise of WhatsApp and Facebook Groups:

during the pandemic, with restrictions on public gatherings and events, promotional staffing agencies have faced an uphill battle in finding work for their staff. In response to this, promotional staff have taken to social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook groups to connect with each other and share potential job opportunities. These groups provide a space for staff to network, exchange information, and secure gigs outside of traditional agency channels.

The Importance of Loyalty:

Promotional staffing agencies heavily rely on their pool of loyal staff to ensure successful campaigns for their clients. Loyal staff members have established trust, understanding, and familiarity with the agency’s operations. They are trained and equipped with the necessary skills to represent various brands and execute promotional activities effectively.

By being loyal to an agency, promotional staff gain several advantages. Agencies invest time and resources into training, which helps staff enhance their skills, expand their network, and build a solid reputation within the industry. Loyal staff often enjoy consistent work opportunities, higher rates, and a sense of stability.

Understanding Agency Priorities:

During the pandemic, agencies have faced their fair share of challenges. Many have experienced a decline in clients and events, resulting in reduced work opportunities. In such circumstances, agencies prioritise their loyal staff, as these individuals have already proven their competence and reliability. This approach allows agencies to ensure the success of their projects while managing limited resources effectively.

The Role of WhatsApp and Facebook Groups:

While WhatsApp and Facebook groups have provided promotional staff with alternative avenues to find work, it is essential to acknowledge that agencies primarily rely on their internal databases first. These groups typically come into play only when the agency’s usual pool of staff has been exhausted or when the scope of the project exceeds their internal resources. Therefore, promotional staff relying solely on these groups might find it challenging to secure consistent work, especially during times when agencies’ resources are already stretched thin.

Finding a Balance:

Promotional staff seeking regular work opportunities should strike a balance between utilising WhatsApp or Facebook groups and maintaining loyalty to their registered agencies. By actively engaging in agency assignments and demonstrating reliability, they can establish themselves as trusted resources. Simultaneously, participating in digital platforms can serve as a backup option, ensuring they don’t miss out on potential opportunities when agencies’ resources are limited.


As the promotional staffing industry adapts to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, promotional staff must understand the dynamics at play. While WhatsApp and Facebook groups offer additional channels to find work, relying solely on them may not guarantee consistent opportunities. By prioritising loyalty to their registered agencies and maintaining a balance between agency assignments and digital platforms, promotional staff can increase their chances of securing regular work and building a strong foundation within the industry. Ultimately, a symbiotic relationship between promotional staff and agencies will lead to a thriving industry and a brighter future for all involved.