10 Exhibition Tips

10 Exhibition Tips

Stand out with an engaging exhibition stand!

Designing an exhibition stand that is an experience for guests as well as using engaging exhibition staff is important to achieve cut-through . Your exhibition stand needs to stand out from others in what can seem like a cluttered environment.

A “wow factor” is always followed by exhibitors achieving their objectives and creating a strong impression. First impressions count, when it comes to attracting exhibition traffic.

So how can you stand out? How can you engage visitors? Follow our 10 exhibition tips and you won’t go wrong:-

1) Set Goals

Know what you want to get out of the exhibition, if its sales leads ensure you know how to collect them and have a strategy on how and when you communicate with them.

2) Maximise Space

Space is always limited at exhibitions, ensure you use your space well, and always remember to have storage space close to your stand if needed

3) Go as high as you can

If you have the highest stand at an exhibition you WILL be noticed

4) Use images NOT Text

A cluttered environment becomes more cluttered with text, so use images wherever possible rather than text

5) Use Lighting

This is the single most important point to achieve stand out

6) Use engaging staff

Ensure you have staff on the stand who are outgoing and engaging, most exhibition visitors are nervous to approach a stand, so its vital that you approach them!

7) Include Tech

Using tech engages visitors and makes your stand memorable, it increases traffic! How about a VR tour of your business!

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8) Focus on your audience

Understand your audience needs and listen to them

9) Create an engaging atmosphere

Remove physical barriers between you and visitors

10) Ensure your stand appears inviting

Follow these tips and you will definitely have a successful exhibition!

New Year, New You, New Us!

New Year, New You, New Us!

As we make our way into 2020, it is time to reflect on past achievements and share with you all, what an amazing year we have had!

In 2019 we have accomplished a lot:

  • Completed over 150 projects
  • Changed our online staffing database from Watu to Liveforce
  • Distributed over 320,000 leaflets and 452,000 samples
  • Provided catering staff for 192 events
  • Added 1086 recruits to our ever-growing team of amazing staff
  • Made space in the office for one more human and one more dog

The biggest change we made in 2019 was going from Ngage to Activ8 Live. In doing so, we have added a few more strings to our bow and on top of staffing solutions, brand experience and sampling, we can now help with:

  • A-Z event management
  • Exhibition Stand creative
  • Drivers & operators
  • Project management
  • Marketing solutions

We are very excited for the future and we would like to start this year, by thanking all our wonderful clients and our fantastic staff members – we do know that without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Here’s looking to the future and making the most of 2020!


Small breasts need not Apply

Small breasts need not Apply

Small Breasts Need Not Apply! A Racetrack In Spain is in trouble as they have advertised for large breasted promotional staff at a speed circuit in Spain. The advert recently required Grid girls and stipulated that they must have “a size 95 or 100 chest,” which roughly measures 36″ – 38″ which was according to La Vanguardia. “For a car and motorcycle event we are looking for two ladies who will be available from Friday April 5 through Sunday April 7,” The add goes on, “There is a payment of €200 net, plus any additional expenses. The one requirement is that you must have a chest circumference between 95 and 100 cm.” These requirements was published by the Madrid-based event organizer Garbo Events, the advert was immediately censored by both the local government and the track’s management – which completely distanced itself from the large rack requirement. We would be surprised if they did this again!

Grand Designs Live Staff

Grand Designs Live Staff

Attending an Exhibition requires alot of planning. When you are spending large amounts on attending, thought needs to focus on what you get out of attending. With Grand Designs Live coming up Ngage can help! As the preferred promotional staffing supplier to Grand Designs Live, we have amazing Brand Ambassadors who can help fill gaps in your rota, or bring an extra element to your strategy in a couple of ways:-

  1. Qualify leads before passing them onto your internal team
  2. Increasing the visitors to your stand by actively approaching show visitors and inviting them onto your stand

We have numerous case studies that will show how we can increase the effectiveness of your attendance at the show. If you would like a quote and some profiles of available staff to make your own selection, please send us your stand number, the number of hours you require help for and how you would like our Brand Ambassadors to help make you stand out. We can get you a quote in half an hour.

Trends in Brand Experience

Trends in Brand Experience

It’s always interesting to keep track of what are the growing trends in brand experience and who is embracing these concepts. A recent Marketing Week article suggested that “live shows” are the “ultimate brand experience”.
These live shows are aimed at giving consumers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a company’s idea.
Now Debenhams has launched its own live show brand experience. The major department store is offering customers the chance to become familiar with their new range of clothing called Edition. The high street giant has opened a “pop-up” shop in Newburgh Street, near Carnaby Street in London to show off the new collection, which is aimed at the younger customer.
The brand experience will be available in other “trendier” pockets of London, such as Covent Garden and Marylebone High Street.
At Ngage we’re always keen to hear about new ways to engage with the consumer and to find out the public’s reactions to emerging brand experience trends.
Tell us what you think about live shows as a form of marketing and if you have come across any other similar concepts?