Stand out with an engaging exhibition stand!

Designing an exhibition stand that is an experience for guests as well as using engaging exhibition staff is important to achieve cut-through . Your exhibition stand needs to stand out from others in what can seem like a cluttered environment.

A “wow factor” is always followed by exhibitors achieving their objectives and creating a strong impression. First impressions count, when it comes to attracting exhibition traffic.

So how can you stand out? How can you engage visitors? Follow our 10 exhibition tips and you won’t go wrong:-

1) Set Goals

Know what you want to get out of the exhibition, if its sales leads ensure you know how to collect them and have a strategy on how and when you communicate with them.

2) Maximise Space

Space is always limited at exhibitions, ensure you use your space well, and always remember to have storage space close to your stand if needed

3) Go as high as you can

If you have the highest stand at an exhibition you WILL be noticed

4) Use images NOT Text

A cluttered environment becomes more cluttered with text, so use images wherever possible rather than text

5) Use Lighting

This is the single most important point to achieve stand out

6) Use engaging staff

Ensure you have staff on the stand who are outgoing and engaging, most exhibition visitors are nervous to approach a stand, so its vital that you approach them!

7) Include Tech

Using tech engages visitors and makes your stand memorable, it increases traffic! How about a VR tour of your business!


Image result for robot pouring drink

8) Focus on your audience

Understand your audience needs and listen to them

9) Create an engaging atmosphere

Remove physical barriers between you and visitors

10) Ensure your stand appears inviting

Follow these tips and you will definitely have a successful exhibition!

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