At Activ8 we have had the busiest December in history! Not only has this been due to a high demand from our current clients but unfortunately there are a number of promotional staffing agencies who accept work that they are not able to deliver. As an industry, it is very important to uphold quality of promotional staff and service to your clients.
This really is an appeal to you not to accept a project if you are unable to deliver exemplary service to your clients or if your database does not have sufficient depth to provide your clients the profile of staff they require. We have been contacted by a number of clients and agencies this month, who are complaining about the poor service they are receiving from their current promotional staff supplier, who for a number of reasons are not delivering. This has put increased pressure on us as a company, to assist them at the last minute, to fill holes.
One of these had retained a staffing agency to deliver a Brand Ambassador in 80 separate retail outlets nationally. We have had to top up the areas that the staffing agency has not been able to deliver on, which ended up being around 40% of the outlets. It is no surprise then, that this promotional staffing agency will be retained by the client and so the only profit the agency will achieve will be from a single project rather than an ongoing customer relationship. I am sure you will agree that is not good business but my issue is that customers will stop depending on promotional staff to deliver their campaigns, which will harm the whole industry.
Ngage is all about honesty and integrity with clients and we have had to turn down some work this year to ensure we are serving current clients to the standards they expect – this will no doubt stand us in good stead. I do hope that staffing agencies give this some thought and consider whether their depth of staff database and current resource levels are sufficient to take on larger projects.
The demands and stresses on promotional staff and event managers can be high. Promotional and field marketing, whether for roadshows, festivals, hospitality events or retail outlets, is often fast-paced and exhausting. However, there are ways to make your life and work a whole lot easier. These days there are a host of smartphone apps that make your work life so much easier – and all in the palm of your hand!


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