We are increasingly being asked to supply mystery shopping staff who mystery shop brand experience activity! We have always used this method internally, to visit our own brand experiences and promotions, to ensure that the quality of our staff is maintained and also to ensure that we have our eye on all live activity. The last thing we need is to find out about a problem from our client! We are now being contacted by a range of agencies to provide mystery shoppers (or as we prefer to call them “Quality assurance managers”) and we are increasingly visiting competitors activity to rate the event / promotion / brand experience.
Some may think that this is unfair – would it not be in our interest to give bad reports on staff quality? Well no, in our view we are purely improving the quality of the entire discipline and hopefully informing clients of the low quality promotional staffing suppliers. I know this because we are increasingly giving glowing reports for some of our better competitors. They are professional and hard working and give the industry a good name. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we are also highlighting areas that we believe are priority for delivering successful activity.
Should you require the services of our quality assurance managers in the UK, please contact us and we can discuss how we can help ensure the high quality of your promotions.


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