Activ8 – well known for its high quality promotional staff, has been asked by Sony UK to manage its recent trade-in promotion. The basis of the promotion was to offer customers the opportunity to trade in an old television, DVD player etc. For that, they would then receive a discount on the purchase of a new product. At the same time it acted as an incentive to recycle unwanted equipment. The promotion was run in conjunction with the World Cup football in South Africa.

Activ8 solution included designing a dealer portal (Database) which would assist dealers in claiming the discounts given to customers. The database not only allowed claims to be submitted, but also allowed the call centre to be run seamlessly to ensure claims were dealt with in a timeless fashion. It could have been very easy for Sony to get a call centre based in India to manage this process, but the added value that Activ8 offered over and above designing the database, was to ensure staff making calls to Sony customers to confirm claims were personable and engaging.
We all know that people don’t want a cold call from anyone, so it was very important to ensure a professional telephone manner which was instrumental in obtaining a very high percentage of confirmations. With approximately 250 calls made by each call centre operative per day, we managed to make approximatley 10,000 calls per week. A very effective promotion from Sony’s point of view but also very tightly managed claims process’ ensured dealers were reimbursed very quickly.
If you would like more information on Activ8 and how we can deliver on your call centre needs please contact Mark on 02036750640.


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