Can you smell a good marketing strategy? Will consumers like the sound of a new promotional activity? Well, according to the experts, all marketers should pay attention to more senses than simply sight when creating and delivering a marketing campaign or brand experience.

Research has revealed that while 83% of commercial communication appeals to our eyes, 75% of our day-to-day emotions are influenced by what we smell and there’s a 65% chance of a mood change when exposed to a positive sound.

Unfortunately for too many companies, branding seems to mean a logo and a tagline. That’s it. However, this simplified outlook misses a wealth of opportunity to engage with the consumer. Instead, we believe, a company’s brand should permeate everything they do.

By thinking about the sight, smell and sound of a promotional activity, it could be possible to create a more unique and compelling brand experience that consumers will find more compelling in a variety of ways. So if they are not taken by the “look” of the new branding then they could easily be hooked by the sweet smells (for example, gorgeous perfumes in a soap store) or the sounds (for example, great music in a restaurant).

These ideas are supported by another marketing report that reveals that consumers feel a “personality connection” to the shops and stores that they most like shopping in.

Consumers were asked to rate whether they “loved” or “liked” a store as part of the survey by a global management consulting firm.

The study showed that 64% of shoppers said they “loved” a particular retailer versus 34% that “liked” a certain store.

The reasons for this “love” or “like” rating included a feeling of emotional or personal connection with a store. It doesn’t end there luckily you have an additional element that will engage your customers, that the personal touch. Engaging promotional staff create a human interaction that people don’t forget, so making sure you have the profile of staff that match your brand is vital.



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